Privacy policy

We process data only for core business purposes but have still registered with The GDPR as we use CCTV on site.

  • Information provided to us by yourselves to make an appointment will only be held to contact you in relation to your order and will be deleted within 6 months of your  purchase. Only the order amount and your initials will be kept for seven years in relation to HRMC. Your details will not be shared with a third party or sold on.
  • Our website provides us with traffic information but this does not provide any information specific to an individual linking to any personal information. Your interactions by contacting us on social media is governed by a third party. Please check with their privacy policy for more information. You can find the link below. If you contact us for a quote your details will be deleted within 6 months and are stored on our Facebook/Instagram account using a secure password. We will not contact you for any other reason than to respond to a query or in regards to an order unless you specifically agree to be contacted with special offers.
  • Facebooks data policy can be found here:
  • Instagrams data policy can be found here:
  • CCTV on premises- On site we use CCTV for our own protection as our business is located at a home address. This is stored on a hard dive for a month and is then over written. Data is stored using secure passwords.
  • We may need to share your information inline with the DPA (Data Protection Act) Some of these include companies such as HRMC and families of the person we are processing data for.
  • If the product purchased from ABC Adult & Baby Casts contains a photo and is shared on social media, faces will be covered or blurred to maintain anonymity unless permission has been granted to show the whole photo.
  • In line with the GDPR we are ensuring we are transparent in the data we have stored on each customer. You are able to request details as to what is held on file but please remember this will be deleted within 6 months and will not be passed on to a third party.